Martin Brenne: Jegerliv | Reindeer Hunting 1

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For thousands of years, humans have hunted the free roaming nomads of the mountains, the wild...


A Day in Rasmus' Life - The Wolf Hunt 2018

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Swedish Championship for Fox Hounds 2018 | Day 1

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On the first day of the Swedish Championship for Fox hounds, Bearplay and Jaktjournalen...


Martin Brenne: Jegerliv | Wild Boar Hunt 1

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In this episode we follow Martin and his Norwegian Elkhound Grom on loose dog hunt for wild boar....


ÅseleTrappern: Trapping

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New episode of ÅseleTrappern! A theoretical episode where we focus on trapping. Johan Glavhammar,...


The Bear Hunt 2017: Episode 4

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Come along to an extremely exciting search for a wounded bear that could've ended bad for Stefan,...


Martin Brenne: Jegerliv | Raccoon Dog Hunt 1

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Martin Brenne: Jegerliv | Fox Hunt with Hound

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ÅseleTrappern: Tree Top Hunting 1

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A Day in Rasmus' Life | Holly's First Hunting Year

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Rasmus Boström brings you along to the first hunting year with his Terrier Holly. In this episode...


Martin Brenne: Jegerliv | Mink Hunting 1

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In this episode we follow Martin Brenne and his two- and four legged friends on an action filled...


Jakten i Blodet | Beaver Hunt 2

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