Seladang - Hunting for Mouflon

2 views February 06, 2015

In this episode we join Seladang in his hunt for Mouflon


Seladang - Hunting for Wild Goat

3 views February 06, 2015

Join Seladang on his hunt for wild goats.


Seladang – Hunting for Giant Eland in Cameroon

6 views January 26, 2015

In this episode, we’re in Cameroon in search for gigantic buffaloes and many other animals.


Seladang – Hunting for Ibex in Kirgizstan

4 views January 17, 2015

Climb steep mountains and hunt steinbock with Seladang!


Seladang – Hunting for East Caucasian tur

3 views January 04, 2015

Join the boys in Azerbaijan hunting for East Caucasian tur!


Seladang – Deer Hunting in Kazakhstan

2 views January 02, 2015

Join us for the deer hunting with Seladang and his clients in Kazakhstan.


Seladang – Hunting for Golden Deer in Siberia

5 views December 25, 2014

Join Seladang for golden-deer hunting in Siberia, featuring many fine bucks and beautiful scenery!


Seladang – Wild Boar Hunting in Central Asia

4 views December 21, 2014

In this film, you’ll see a slightly different method of hunting for wild boar.