Swedish Wolf Hunting 2- TRAILER

360 views April 30, 2017

The first movie was a huge success – now the sequel is here! We at Bearplay promise you even...


A day in Rasmus life | Trailer

296 views March 29, 2017

Watch three brand new episodes of Rasmus life, soon available on Bearplay! We join Rasmus and...


Goose Hunting For Real: Trailer

50 views June 15, 2018

Join Bearplay on the epic hunting adventure with Goose Hunt in the West! Exciting action...


Hunting Gear by Bearskin

277 views November 14, 2017

Do you enjoy hunting? Do not miss this! Find everything you need for the autumn and winter hunt...


Swedish Wolf Hunting NO 1 TRAILER

388 views November 08, 2016

Rasmus Boström and his hunting companions shows how wolf hunting works in a practical matter. The...



326 views October 31, 2016

For many years Bearplay has filmed driven hunts at Virå Mill, it's been many years of exciting...


Bearplay visits: Tjuvjägarna | Trailer

218 views April 09, 2016

At the end of december we got an invitation to come hunt with the hunting team "Tjuvjägarna" in...


The Bravado Brothers | Still Hunt for Fox -...

211 views March 21, 2016

In this movie we experience some exciting still hunt for fox in Värmland!


New Series : A Day in Rasmus' Life!

313 views February 02, 2016

Join Rasmus Boström as he hunts both small game and predators! You can see three episodes with...


Drive hunting in Poland trailer

356 views December 21, 2015

A movie you can´t afford to miss! Bearplay will soon launch " Driven hunt in Poland " which is...

Trailers Trailer

349 views March 12, 2015

Bearplay welcomes a new swedish partner, Check out pure swedish hare hunting by...


SC - Hunting for Mink in Sweden No.1 Trailer

444 views March 10, 2015

With extensive experience in mink hunting with dogs in both woodland and island, both in Sweden...