Bearskin - Bearpack light

New backpack with gun case developed by Rasmus Boström for quiet and active hunting.

Bearskin Bearpack Light is optimized for rifle hunting. The gun case accommodates all types of guns with or without scope and silencer.

The carrying harness is designed so as not to harm the hunter when firing quick shots. This backpack has an adjustable shoulder harness so that the hip belt can be precisely adjusted

to the body of the hunter, regardless of height. Even the gun case can be adjusted according to the hunter’s preferences.

The bag has a specially adapted radio pocket to allow the radio antenna to extend above the shoulders, thus enabling good coverage and reception.

The backpack opens from the top and the packing space can be divided. The gun case can be affixed laterally so as not to swing back and forth when moving around in the terrain. All zippers are locked with straps to avoid rattling. The bag is very quiet, even in severe cold!

Bearpack Light has many handy pockets and compartments.

1 large storage space

1 storage space for when the gun case isn’t in use

2 storage pockets

1 watertight, large storage pocket

1 watertight, detachable cell-phone case

1 detachable, adjustable gun case

1 radio pocket for all types of hunting radios. The position of the pocket is high for best reception and transmission. Antenna attachment

2 mesh pockets with velcro

2 carabiners

Weight: 1.90 kg with gun case

Capacity: Without gun case about 35 liters, with gun case about 27 liters

The color is neutral grey with a green tone to optimally blend into the surroundings.