We think we have succeeded in developing a good jacket specifically for the dog handler who wants a light “breathing" jacket without membranes and is airy yet still provides extra protection. The jacket has good and spacious pockets with provided space for radio and GPS.

On one side of the jacket there is a zipper for extra ventilation and a spacious back pocket provides space for both gloves , hat and dog leashes .

The jacket also has detachable arms so it can quickly be converted into a west.

It also comes with blaze arms that is advantageous to use when you really want to be seen by all shooters and your hunting buddies.

Across the jacket's back there is a broad ventilation ladle and it's stretchy fabric across the back and shoulders make it easy to move and simplifies shooting when it's really needed the best.

Normal EU sizes

Included is an extra pair of arms in orange blaze for hunts where you want to be seen.

Ventilation in the back and between the shoulders

Ventilation on the left side , under the armpit

Mesh lining

No membrane , windproof

Stretch material over the shoulders and arms for maximum mobility

High neck collar for protection during windy days

Four breast pockets where you can fit your dog tracker and hunting radio

The perfect dog handler jacket.