New! Updated V2 model with a very much improved design of the GPS pocket. The GPS pocket of the dog vest is extended and riveted up to the dog’s neck, in order to prevent the GPS pocket from getting trapped in branches, barbed wire etc. There’s also a camera mount on one side of the vest. (However, Bearskin cannot guarantee that the camera mount fits all cameras on the market.) The outermost rivets of the vest in the dog’s neck will release for safety reasons if the dog gets caught in something, while the two innermost rivets should be securely fixed.

The GPS pocket fits the most common GPS collars: Garmin DC 30, DC 40, Tracker and Swepoint. Low center of gravity of the GPS mount improves the dog’s balance. The chest strap keeps the vest snugly in place, preventing it from ending up on the side of the dog. The strap can also be removed if unwanted.

The elastic straps are lined/protected to increase durability. Rugged fabric and strong sewing thread cater for durable design. Chafing is minimized thanks to the strap buckles not being in contact with the dog’s skin. The neck and belly straps are lined with a removable textile tube to minimize chafing, for example, on the nipples.

Several reflectors increase safety. Double fabric provides extra durability.
The vest comes in two adaptable models.
Vest 1 S/M: Dachshund, border terrier – Drever, small dogging dog, beagle
Vest 2 M/L: Drever, small dogging dog, beagle – Jämthund (male and female), large dogging dog, plott hound, German pointer

The coloring enables you to see, even in the dark and dense vegetation, in which direction the dog’s nose is pointing. The fabric is water repellent and dries quickly. A sturdy metal ring for attaching a tracking rope or leash. Elastic bands in chest and belly straps improve the fit and let the dog move freely.