Extra ! Rasmus Boström’s dogs involved in wolf attack when hunting for fox!

This event took place a few years ago. “Heavy snowfall and strong winds prevented us from noticing that there was a wolf on the grounds despite tracking in the morning,” says well-known and experienced hunter Rasmus Boström.
My dog Lill Öland was released for fox tracking along with a youngster I had at the time. After a while the tracking stopped and I heard Öland bark. I thought they had come across a moose, which is hard for Öland to resist.
I waited a few moments and was just about to go there when Öland came back with great speed.
I met him, leashed him and went there to see why they returned.
I then realized on the spot what really happened. The dog cam was checked in the evening.
The accompanying young dog only got minor bite wounds and survived the wolves.