Moose Hunting in the Wilderness

31 views December 06, 2017

A movie about hunting moose in Enares vast wasteland. Two men, their dogs and the boundless...


Hunting Big Predators 2 2017 - Kristoffer Clausen

34 views November 12, 2017

A brand new hunting movie from Kristoffer Clausen! This time the topic is something that we at...


Stalk Hunting at Virå Bruk

36 views October 28, 2017

Join Bearplay on stalk hunting on wild boars at Virå Bruk! We hunt in the breathtakingly...


Predator Calling for Fox - Kristoffer Clausen

20 views October 15, 2017

What type of calling sounds suits well on different occasions? Is there any point calling for fox...


Moose, Deer and Roe Deer 4 - Kristoffer Clausen

24 views September 13, 2017

Roe deer hunting with driving dogs, hunting moose with loose dog and stalk hunting on fallow and...


Best of Moose Hunting with Loose Hound -...

38 views September 02, 2017

In this movie, Kristoffer Clausen has collected the best clips from all his moose hunting movies...


In the Grouse Bird's Kingdom 4 - Kristoffer...

13 views August 26, 2017

Join Kristoffer Clausen on some exciting hunts with standing bird-dog, spitz dog and hunting...


Moose Hunt 2015 - Kristoffer Clausen

13 views August 19, 2017

The movie starts with an epic call hunt but the focus is on hunting with loose dogs. We get to...


Swedish Wolf Hunting 2

98 views May 24, 2017

Our first movie was a big success. Now, prepare for even more unique and spectacular hunting...


Deer Hunting on Åland

19 views April 18, 2017

Magnus Eriksson & Johan Nylander, the gentlemen from Jakten i Blodet, bring their fathers for a...


The Beaver Hunt

420 views March 31, 2017

The birds are chirping, you can feel the warmth of the sun, the ice is starting to disappear and...


Hunting with Standing Bird Dog

462 views January 31, 2017

Here we get the chance to follow Danish Christine Due - four-time world champion - in both...