Hunters Magazine - Buck Hunt 2015

9 views January 15, 2017

This Danish buck hunting movie from our friends at Hunters Magazine offers both Danish spring...


Hunters Magazine - African Buck Hunt

6 views December 23, 2016

Join Steen Andersen on a buck hunt in South Africa, where you can find plenty of different...


Swedish Wolf Hunting 1

74 views May 27, 2016

With the first wolf hunting movie of its kind, Rasmus Boström and his hunting companions strives...


Swedish Fox Hunting 2, Part 2

40 views June 26, 2014

Part 2 of Swedish fox hunting no. 2 As usual, there will be much hunting when Rasmus...


Big Bore Productions - Death at Stone Mountain

32 views February 21, 2014

Join Mark Buchanan of Big Bore Productions and friends on two separate hunts in scenic Northern...


Black Bore Productions - Death from Above

12 views February 17, 2014

What follows is not a hunting video. This film documents the severe problem of feral hog...


ÖstgötaJägarna – Stalking Fallow Deer

12 views March 29, 2015

In this video you get to, among other things accompany the hunter Emil Öhrn that slain as much as...


Hunnskall & Bomskott 2 - From fox to bear feast

44 views November 13, 2019

This time, too, you can hang out with the Sorel guys for all kinds of hunting, especially with...


Hunting in Germany & Poland

17 views November 13, 2016

In this movie we join Hunters Magazine on some exciting hunting in Europe. First we head to...


Moose Hunt with Swedish Elkhounds Autumn 2015

443 views November 08, 2016

We join Johan during the moose hunt in the autumn. By his side are his excellent Swedish elkhounds.


Pierre Norberg - The Dream of the Golden Buck

15 views November 03, 2016

In this movie we join Pierre Ferraud Norberg on a lot of different buck hunts and we also get to...


Anders Holmberg | Hare hunting 14-15

12 views October 29, 2016

In this movie we join Anders Holmberg hare hunting with Finnish hounds and Hamilton hounds. The...