313 views September 10, 2016

Come with us to South Africa and experience the exciting hunt for the Kudo- The ghost of Africa...


Moose Hunting in Newfoundland

5 views September 03, 2016

Join the magical moose hunting in Canada during the rut in September, where the big bulls can be...


Hunting Red Deer in Poland

17 views August 13, 2016

Magnificent red deer, grand views, hunting grounds filled with fallow deer, wild boars and red...


Hunting for Buck and Red deer

6 views July 30, 2016

In this movie we travel to Scotland to experience buck hunting and to Poland for red deer hunting...


Swedish Buck Hunting

4 views July 16, 2016

In this movie we join danish Hunters Magazine on some Swedish buck hunting. You will experience...


Jakt24 – Forest-bird hunting in the Nordic...

12 views January 25, 2016

Join us in the probably most peaceful form of hunting together with Jakt24 Martin Brenne and his...


Swedish Fallow Deer Hunting 1

8 views October 08, 2015

Follow the Swedish fallow deer together with Leif Carlström and Jonas Lännbjer. This movie takes...


Jakt 24 – Buck Hunting

233 views June 29, 2015

In this movie we join Jakt 24 on an exciting buck hunt.


Hunting for Wild Reindeer in Norway

9 views May 05, 2015

In "Hunting for Wild Reindeer in Norway", we go to the Norwegian mountains to hunt Europe's...


Hunting for Mink in Sweden 1

9 views March 20, 2015

With extensive experience in mink hunting with dogs in both woodland and on islands, in both...

Hunting - Hare Hunting No.5

6 views March 12, 2015

The fifth film in the series by Anders Holmberg's hunts with his Finnish Hound of the mountain...

Hunting - Hare Hunting No.4

6 views March 12, 2015

The fourth film in the order of Hare with the Finnish hound Asplidens Matilda. A 50 minutes long...