Jakt24 – Absolute Hunting Part 1

8 views July 11, 2014

Absolute hunting is a double DVD with over 25 slayings! Join us for enchanting forest bird...


Jakt24 – Hunting in South Africa

6 views July 02, 2014

In this film, produced by, we follow a trio from Norway. They invite us to their...


Jakt24 – Moose Hunting in the Nordic

17 views June 27, 2014

At last, a spectacular Norwegian film about moose hunting, with many shooting scenes and large...


Jakt24 – Fox Hunting in the Nordic

4 views June 27, 2014

The popularity of fox hunting is constantly growing. We’re now pleased to present our new movie,...


Swedish Fox Hunting 2 Part 1

14 views June 22, 2014

Part 1 of Swedish fox hunting no. 2 As usual, there will be much hunting when...


Jakt24 – Beaver Hunting in the Nordic

4 views June 11, 2014

Beaver hunting in the Nordic countries, a Jakt24 production. For many hunters the autumn is the...


Tree-top Bird Hunting in Finland

7 views May 01, 2014

Here we’ll take you along hunting treetop birds in the deep Finnish forests.


White-tailed deer hunting from Finland

9 views April 24, 2014

Deer hunting from Finland at it´s best


Finnish Moose Hunting

18 views April 19, 2014

Join us for moose hunting in neighboring Finland. Of course with a dog putting the game at bay.


Big Bore Productions - Death on the Gold Coast

6 views March 17, 2014

Death on the Gold Coast is one of Big Bore Production's latest releases. Filmed during the 2005...


Big Bore Productions - Death in the Mumbwa

2 views March 13, 2014

Big Bore Productions announces the release of Death in the Mumbwa, filmed in one of Africa's...


Red Mist - Death on the Prairie

10 views March 11, 2014

WARNING: Contains graphic killshots! Join Team Black Bore as they venture to the badlands of...