Moose, Deer and Roe Deer 4 - Kristoffer Clausen

20 views September 13, 2017

Roe deer hunting with driving dogs, hunting moose with loose dog and stalk hunting on fallow and...


Deer Hunting on Åland

15 views April 18, 2017

Magnus Eriksson & Johan Nylander, the gentlemen from Jakten i Blodet, bring their fathers for a...


Hunting Red Deer in Poland

22 views August 13, 2016

Magnificent red deer, grand views, hunting grounds filled with fallow deer, wild boars and red...


Hunting for Buck and Red deer

7 views July 30, 2016

In this movie we travel to Scotland to experience buck hunting and to Poland for red deer hunting...


Swedish Fallow Deer Hunting 1

8 views October 08, 2015

Follow the Swedish fallow deer together with Leif Carlström and Jonas Lännbjer. This movie takes...


Hunting for Wild Reindeer in Norway

10 views May 05, 2015

In "Hunting for Wild Reindeer in Norway", we go to the Norwegian mountains to hunt Europe's...