Missi - One of the World's Best Moose Dogs

233 views September 09, 2018

Missi is a Nordic champion and multiple Finnish champion with over 40 hunting test sets, two of...


Moose Hunting in the Wilderness

24 views December 06, 2017

A movie about hunting moose in Enares vast wasteland. Two men, their dogs and the boundless...


Moose, Deer and Roe Deer 4 - Kristoffer Clausen

20 views September 13, 2017

Roe deer hunting with driving dogs, hunting moose with loose dog and stalk hunting on fallow and...


Best of Moose Hunting with Loose Hound -...

29 views September 02, 2017

In this movie, Kristoffer Clausen has collected the best clips from all his moose hunting movies...


Moose Hunt 2015 - Kristoffer Clausen

11 views August 19, 2017

The movie starts with an epic call hunt but the focus is on hunting with loose dogs. We get to...


Moose Hunt with Swedish Elkhounds Autumn 2015

403 views November 08, 2016

We join Johan during the moose hunt in the autumn. By his side are his excellent Swedish elkhounds.


Moose Hunting with Loose Hound

13 views October 08, 2016

In collaboration with one of Norway's largest hunting profiles, Jon Steinar Vangen from Norwegian...


Moose Hunting in Newfoundland

5 views September 03, 2016

Join the magical moose hunting in Canada during the rut in September, where the big bulls can be...