Anders Holmberg | Hare hunting 14-15

12 views October 29, 2016

In this movie we join Anders Holmberg hare hunting with Finnish hounds and Hamilton hounds. The...

Hunting - Hare Hunting No.5

8 views March 12, 2015

The fifth film in the series by Anders Holmberg's hunts with his Finnish Hound of the mountain...

Hunting - Hare Hunting No.4

10 views March 12, 2015

The fourth film in the order of Hare with the Finnish hound Asplidens Matilda. A 50 minutes long...

Hunting - Hare Hunting No. 3

14 views March 12, 2015

Hare 10-11 is the third hunting film I'm doing starring the Finnish hound Asplidens Matilda.The...