Jakt24 – Forest-bird hunting in the Nordic countries

Join us in the probably most peaceful form of hunting together with Jakt24 Martin Brenne and his colleague André Lund.

Forest-bird hunting at it´s best. Many of you already know Martin Brenne from his previous hunting movies and this time he´s hunting on his own. Martin shows that he fully masters both the camera and the rifle.

This is a quote by Helen Westerlund from the book ”Skogsfågeljakt med stående fågelhund”.

”For the uninitiated forest-bird hunting with a standing bird dog may look as a difficult form of hunting. It´s offensive in it´s nature and often demanding on both the hunter and the dog. At the same time this kind of hunting is one of the most exciting ones because the Capercaillie and the Black grouse won´t let you best them in a hurry and therefore offers both hunter and dog constant challenges.”