About Bearplay

If you are interested in hunting, fishing and movies: Bearplay is your obvious choice! You can become a member of the Nordic’s largest streaming site for those interested in hunting and fishing by subscribing for 389 SEK (for one year) at once online on our website or buy a subscription card from one of our retailers. A Bearplay subscription is also perfect as a gift.

Bearplay offers films with hunting- and fishing adventures from the Nordic countries as well as other parts of Europe and North America. We offer our members different series with hunting of bears, lynx, fox, moose among other exciting hunts such as hunting game birds. In our films and series there’s also sometimes information about shooting practise, long range shooting, cooking and other tips for your hunt or fishing adventures.

You can share your own hunting experiences by uploading your videos of hunting and fishing memories, which Bearplay will then review before making it public. We offer our viewers product presentations where we try different weapons as well as trying sights and binoculars for hunting. We try them and then give our tips for different ammunition.

Our profiles on the channel are Rasmus Boström and his dogs, Jonas Lännbjer, Johan Eriksson, Stefan Vänerstrand, Kristoffer Clausen, Martin Brenne, Johan Glavhammar, Arttu Kotisara, the Bravader Brothers and Steve. We also have a close collaboration with some of Nordic’s largest hunting magazines, such as Jaktjournalen, Jakt & Jägare, Jaktmarker & Fiskevatten and the online magazine Vildmarken.

We hunt with hounds, Spitz and elkhounds in many of our films. Rasmus hunts with his dogs in the films as well as his series “A Day in Rasmus’ Life”. In one of our popular series Bearplay Visits we meet Leif Fredriksson, a known hunting profile and experienced hunter. When we meet with Leif the topic is mainly wild boar hunting and different ways of hunting.

Bearplay started the project Jaktstudion in 2018. It’s a tv-show about hunting that is broadcasted once a month with guests such as Ulf Lindroth, Rasmus Boström, Jessica Larsson and Kristoffer Clausen. Each episode will cover a specific hunting game, such as predators or wild boar, as well as episodes on equipment and tracking. Outside of the two Swedish Championships for hounds, we have 12 episodes planned throughout January 2019. We want to increase the discussion of hunting and through the episodes share our experiences as well as the guests’ experiences to all the viewers out there. You can read more about it here.