Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions at Bearplay.tv

1. How can I manage my Bearplay account?

To check the status of your account or to make changes, use the link below. There you can change your password and make other changes to your account.

-Manage my Bearplay account

2. The player screen is black and I only hear the sound from the video. What to do?

Bearplay is supported in all browsers, but the browser version may be too old. You can easily solve this by updating your browser to the latest version.

If you still experience problems, please install the latest version of Flash. Click the link below.

-Install the latest version of Flash

Before contacting us, please try these steps for any technical problems.

3. How secure is my card payment at Bearplay?

Your profile, balance and payment information is securely stored on a professional server owned by Cleeng. This system daily manages secure transfers on behalf of several major companies and banks. Advanced SSL encryption of your data ensures your privacy.

4. How do I upload a member video?

On the members’ video-channel page, click “Upload your own video” in the upper right corner. There you enter all the requested information and select a video to upload from your computer. The video will be reviewed before being posted.

5. Can I watch Bearplay on my smartphone?

Bearplay is built using responsive web design, meaning that the content will be adapted to the device where you play it. So of course you can watch Bearplay on your smartphone or tablet.

Follow these steps if you are having login or registration problems, as well as problems with video playback.

Sometimes a video may stop playing or you cannot access your account. One of the reasons for this odd behavior could be a data lock-up in the browser cache.

Before you contact support, try refreshing the cache and clearing cookies in your browser.

1. To clear the browser cache and cookies on a PC/laptop:

Here is a guide for all types of browsers: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

You can also try refreshing your browser by pressing:

Windows: Ctrl + F5

Mac: ⌘ + Shift + R or Command + Shift + R

Try again.

2. To clear Safari’s cache and cookies on an iOS device:

Tap “Settings” on the home screen.

Scroll down and choose “Safari”.

Tap “Clear cookies” and “Clear cache”.

3. To clear the browser cache and cookies for Android:

Open your web browser.

Tap the menu button in the upper right corner, and then “Settings”.

Tap “Privacy” in the Settings menu.

Tap “Clear the cache” and “Clear cookies, site data”.

Note: You may also want to tap “Clear browsing history” in order to delete your browser’s navigation history, and “Clear autofill data” to delete all data saved in forms.

Tap “OK” to continue.

4. To clear the browser cache and cookies on a Windows phone:

Open Internet Explorer.

Tap the three dots (…) in the lower right corner.

Scroll down and tap “Settings”.

Scroll down and tap “Delete history”.


If you can’t find your problem here, please contact Bearplay via the contact form.

-Contact Bearplay support