SOA - Episode 4

2 views January 16, 2015

Steve and his clients climb down from the snow-covered mountains to continue hunting for bears in...


ÖstgötaJägarna – Stalking for Fallow Deer

334 views January 09, 2015

In this episode, you’ll join us when stalking for fallow deer in Swedish Östergötland!


ÖstgötaJägarna – Deer Hunting with Drever

283 views January 05, 2015

In this episode, you’ll join Albin Turi for deer hunting with drever in Swedish Östergötland!


Seladang – Hunting for East Caucasian tur

3 views January 04, 2015

Join the boys in Azerbaijan hunting for East Caucasian tur!


Seladang – Deer Hunting in Kazakhstan

2 views January 02, 2015

Join us for the deer hunting with Seladang and his clients in Kazakhstan.


SOA - Episode 3

6 views January 01, 2015

In this episode of Steve’s Outdoor Adventures we join Steve and his clients for grizzly hunting...


ÖstgötaJägarna – Fallow Deer Hunting with Drever

191 views December 28, 2014

In this episode, you’ll join us for some drever hunting for fallow deer.


Seladang – Hunting for Golden Deer in Siberia

5 views December 25, 2014

Join Seladang for golden-deer hunting in Siberia, featuring many fine bucks and beautiful scenery!


ÖstgötaJägarna - Hunting for Moose with...

164 views December 23, 2014

In this short film, you’ll join ÖstgötaJägarna for moose hunting with one dog putting the animal...


Seladang – Wild Boar Hunting in Central Asia

4 views December 21, 2014

In this film, you’ll see a slightly different method of hunting for wild boar.


SOA - Episode 1

1 views December 13, 2014 proudly presents Steve West, he is one of USA’s most prominent hunting guides....


SOA Bearplay Trailer

450 views December 13, 2014 proudly presents our latest addition to the team: Steve West is one of...