The Hunt For All | Episode 3: Fallow Deer

17 views May 12, 2019

Join Jonas Johansson and Jonas Lännbjer on another hunting adventure. This time they sneak...


The Åsele Trapper: Beaver Hunting 2

2 views April 28, 2019

Beaver hunting in northern Sweden is great! With the eyes of a new big hut and the wind on his...


The Hunt For All | Episode 2: The Deer Hunt...

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The second episode of The Hunt For All continues with deer hunting in snow-covered fields in...


The Hunt For All | Episode 1: Deer Hunting with...

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Premiär för den nya inspirerande jaktserien "Jakten För Alla" med den omvittnat duktiga jägaren...


Our Hunting Life - Mexican Standoff

19 views April 19, 2019

Join Johan on this year's first beaver hunt! In this episode, we also encounter the beaver at the...


Rasmus Adventure: Canada | Part 3

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In the third part of Rasmus Adventure: Canada you can keep up with yet more action-packed bear...


Rasmus Adventure: Canada | Part 2

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The second part of Rasmus Boström's new miniseries from Canada. Join Rasmus with both friends and...


Rasmus Adventure: Canada | Part 1

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Bearplay presents a new hunting series in three parts. Join Rasmus Boström with both friends and...


Hunting in Their Blood | Buck Hunting

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We come along once again with the cousins ​​Magnus and Johan in hunting, where Johan begins with...


The Åsele Trapper: Top-Tree Hunting 1

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Join Johan Glavhammar and his uncle on forest bird hunting with the young dog Zack. At first, the...


A Day In Rasmus Everyday Life: Mink Hunting 7

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There is something really special about mink hunting in the archipelago! Join Rasmus Boström and...


Jonas Edmans Everyday Life: Fox Hunting 5

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There is nothing that causes the pulse to rise as when the fox is first seen as a small dot along...