Pierre Norberg - The Dream of the Roe Buck

4 views November 16, 2016

In this episode we join hunting journalist Pierre Norberg as he hunts bucks on some really nice...


Swedish Moose Dog Championship 2016 - Part 2

362 views November 23, 2016

Join Bearplay & Jaktjournalen at the Swedish moose dog championships 2016! Part 1 was a big...


The Bear Hunt 2016 - Episode 2

17 views December 10, 2016

What could possible be better then to tag along and watch a bear getting shot on the premiere day...


The Bear Hunt 2016 - Episode 1

22 views December 05, 2016

Every Saturday until Christmas Eve we will release a smoking hot new episode of the bear hunt...


SOA - Episode 6

16 views February 01, 2015

Steve are on the hunt for Big Moose! proudly presents our latest addition to the...


SOA - Episode 5

8 views January 24, 2015

Steve flies into the wilderness to hunt wild reindeer.


SOA - Episode 8

5 views February 14, 2015

Steve are on the hunt i Montana


SOA - Episode 2

6 views December 25, 2014

In this episode of Steve’s Outdoor Adventures we join Steve and his clients for grizzly hunting...


Martin Brenne : Hunting Life| Moosehunt 1

35 views March 05, 2020

In this well-produced section on moose hunting we get to hang with Martin Brenne with friends on...


A Day In Rasmus Everyday Life : Fox hunting...

129 views February 22, 2020

We hunt fox with real professional hunters from the hunting gym in Älvdalen. With the forest as a...


A Day In Rasmus Everyday Life : Mink Hunting 8

33 views February 21, 2020

Now we go mink hunting in the archipelago again! A very nice and exciting hunt that far too few...


A Day In Rasmus Everyday Life : Pine Marten &...

87 views February 20, 2020

In this section, the exciting hunt is interspersed with challenging mink hunting. As usual,...