Swedish Beaver Hunting 1

Join us for some exciting beaver hunting. See how the beavers circle around the canoe and enjoy some intense stealth scenes along the spring-green shore. In the film, we get very close to the beavers and there are many fine shooting scenes showing the different beaver-hunting techniques. You’ll accompany Jonas Lännbjer as he meets Tommy, Jimmy and Christoffer of Swedish Dalecarlia, hunting for beaver during some spring months. The film also offers several tips and tricks for your own hunting success. The beaver has a huntable population in many parts of the country, but few people take advantage of that. This film reveals a number of innovations in terms of beaver hunting, and whether you’re an avid beaver hunter or have just started hunting beavers, it will surely make you crave for the next time you take to the waters. For all other hunters, we hope the film will inspire and boost interest in beaver hunting.

The film is produced and filmed as a hunting diary, where you will be guided through the different episodes. It can also be seen as a complete hunting movie.