Swedish Moose Dog Championship - Part 1

We are in Sysslebäck in Värmland at the Swedish Championship for moose dogs. In this episode the top 10 best moose dogs in Sweden arrive to check in to take part of the contest rules and get their sample boxes drawn.

At 06.30 in the morning the owners unleash the dogs and let the 10 participants in this year's moose dog championship start their first search in the woods around Långberget in northern Värmland.

Now the dogs have four hours to find a moose. When the moose has been found the hunting test keeps going for another five hours.

Bearplay covers the moose dog championship together with Jaktjournalen. This year we get to see the first ”hälleforsare” called ”Rävamyrens Sigge”, starting in the championships ever. Watch the exciting start and finish at Bearplay.