The Bravado Brothers – Crow hunt

In this episode we follow the Bravado Brothers on crow hunting at its best!

This is some good tips from ”Jaktmarker & Fiskevatten”

1. Work on your hiding place. The hiding place is very important when hunting crow. There are no shortcuts so make sure to do it properly from the start regardless if you are building it yourself or buying it. The crows vision and suspicion is unmatched.

2. Don't forget your face and hands. Even when using a hiding place, a facemask and gloves is a must. There should be no white spots lighting up like a lamp in the opening of the hiding place.

3. Pimp your horned owl decoy. A stuffed owl is better for sure, but there is not many people we can get their hands on one. Plastic decoys are not very good. However it´s possible to improve them considerably. Glue on some skin (hare skin works great) to give it a more living expression. Two pingpong balls cut in half and painted bright orange with black pupils as eyes also seems to turn the crows on.

4. Proper placement of the hiding place. It´s pretty obvious that the decoy should be placed high up so that the siluette is clearly seen by the crows passing by. But also make sure to position the hiding place in the correct relation to the decoy. This makes sure the shots are as easy as possible. Usually the crows fly up against the wind when they circle the decoy.

5. Don´t collect the shot crows. Let them lay where they are. The other crows will likely think that the horned owl is behind their deaths and their aggressiveness and angry yells will attract even more crows.

Hunting season:

July 1st – April 15th

July 16th – April 30th in the four most northern countys in sweden.

Hunting time:

May be hunted round the clock

Dog usage:

A fetching dog should be used at the hunt but according to the hunting decree any dog that fetches or marks a fallen bird may only be brought along if the hunt takes place between sunset and one hour before sun rise.

Allowable guns:

Shotguns and rifles of at least class 4

Most used hunting methods:

Bait hunting and hunting over a horned owl decoy.