The Hunt For All | Episode 2: The Deer Hunt Continues

The second episode of The Hunt For All continues with deer hunting in snow-covered fields in Västra Götaland. Jonas Johansson and his hunting friends are offered music in the forest, where the hunting event finally reveals itself.

When he was little, he suffered from cancer and had to amputate his left leg, a hard blow to an active 11-year-old whose life revolved around different sports and to accompany dad and grandfather out hunting.

With the Hunt for everyone, Jonas Johansson and we at Bearplay want to show that it is possible to get out into the forest and hunt despite having a disability. What aids are, that one should not stop when it feels tough and that one should never give up their dreams. Nature has a stronger force and if anyone believed that Jonas would be a worse hunter because he just got a leg, yes, there are lots of businesses awaiting this program series ...

In the series, we are not a millimeter for the difficult issues. For no one should think that you do not struggle with doubts and dark moments when you suffer from illness or accident, but at the same time we also want to show everyone the joy and love that hunting and fishing give regardless of background and conditions. All the wonderful experiences in forests and land that gives the power to handle and enjoy life also in general.