Drive hunting in Poland trailer

374 views December 21, 2015

A movie you can´t afford to miss! Bearplay will soon launch " Driven hunt in Poland " which is...

Trailers Trailer

364 views March 12, 2015

Bearplay welcomes a new swedish partner, Check out pure swedish hare hunting by...


SC - Hunting for Mink in Sweden No.1 Trailer

485 views March 10, 2015

With extensive experience in mink hunting with dogs in both woodland and island, both in Sweden...


ÖstgötaJägarna – Stalking for fallow deer Trailer

503 views February 24, 2015

In this video you get to, among other things accompany the hunter Emil Öhrn that slain as much as...


SOA – Episode 5 Trailer

341 views January 24, 2015

Steve and the gang hunts reindeer, watch the full episode under the Series category.


SC – A Hunting Adventure In Namibia Trailer

493 views January 09, 2015

In April Bearplay will release six 30-minute episodes from our hunting adventure in Namibia. The...


Christmas greetings from Arne Weise

315 views December 24, 2014

At last: the day Santa arrives! Feel free to comment on your hunting gifts later tonight!


Seladang Trailer

500 views December 20, 2014 proudly presents our cooperation with one of the best hunting guides of France...


Arne Weise’s Christmas greetings on Bearplay

276 views December 18, 2014

A special little Christmas greeting from us at Bearplay to all of you out there!...


SOA Bearplay Trailer

455 views December 13, 2014 proudly presents our latest addition to the team: Steve West is one of...


Welcome Norway!

513 views December 07, 2014

NOW WE’RE LAUNCHING BEARPLAY IN NORWAY! Are you Norwegian and already a member?...


The Bravader Brothers – Fox and Pine Marten 2...

266 views November 07, 2014

Följ med på räv- och mårdjakt när den är som bäst, med stövare och terrier. Känn jaktsuget och...