390 views October 20, 2014

Bli Medlem på och va med där det händer först! Exklusiva filmlanseringar, Nya serier,...


Wild reindeer hunting in Norway Trailer

451 views September 24, 2014

We’re off go to the Norwegian mountains to hunt Europe’s wildest reindeer. You can expect...


Jakt24 – Absolute Hunting Trailer

446 views June 27, 2014

Absolute hunting is a double DVD with over 25 slayings! Join us for enchanting forest bird...


Jakt24 – Beaver Hunting in the Nordic Trailer

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Beaver hunting in the Nordic countries, a Jakt24 production. For many hunters the autumn is the...


Jakt24 – Fox Hunting in the Nordic Trailer

240 views June 27, 2014

The popularity of fox hunting is constantly growing. We’re now pleased to present our new movie,...


Jakt24 – Hunting in South Africa Trailer

227 views June 27, 2014

In this film, produced by, we follow a trio from Norway. They invite us to their...


Jakt24 – Moose Hunting in the Nordic Trailer

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At last, a spectacular Norwegian film about moose hunting, with many shooting scenes and large...


SC – Swedish Bear Hunting No. 2 Trailer

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This film takes you out on a real Swedish bear hunting adventure with well-known bear hunter...


Swedish Fox Hunting 1 Trailer

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In this film you’ll join Rasmus Boström for some real Swedish fox hunting. The film covers...


Swedish Bear Hunting 1 Trailer

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The first one of the incredibly popular “Swedish bear hunting” films. You’ll experience some...