Bearplay Uncut | Wolf Surprises the Hunting Team!

17 views January 22, 2017

Sometimes the wolf shows up when you least expect it - you can imagine the action that happened...


Bear Tracking with Blaser

277 views June 17, 2015

klippte ihop en lite film från när jag sökte och fann björnspår med blaser.


Jonas checks wind direction

433 views February 14, 2015

Sometimes the luck ain´t at your side


Extra ! Rasmus Boström’s dogs involved in wolf...

17 views January 10, 2015

This event took place a few years ago. “Heavy snowfall and strong winds prevented us from...


Blooper, Swedish Beaver Hunting no. 1

445 views January 03, 2015

Jonas asks Tommy Östlund the question about safety in beaver hunting.


Original intro to Swedish bear hunting no. 4

578 views January 03, 2015

Bearplay has retrieved the original intro to the #4 bear film, which disappeared due to technical...


In the studio with Arne Weise

356 views December 29, 2014

Join us behind the scenes with Arne Weise.


Baying from Blaser’s Perspective – Would You Dare?

337 views December 29, 2014

Loads of credit to all the bear dogs that do a great job for bear hunting. Here is Blaser (Rasmus...