Deer Hunting on Åland

14 views April 18, 2017

Magnus Eriksson & Johan Nylander, the gentlemen from Jakten i Blodet, bring their fathers for a...


The Beaver Hunt

376 views March 31, 2017

The birds are chirping, you can feel the warmth of the sun, the ice is starting to disappear and...


Our Hunting Life | Episode 1

388 views April 09, 2017

In this series we get to follow Johan Eriksson with his partner Sara Bågling on many different...


A Day in Rasmus' Life | Fox and Pine Marten...

12 views April 10, 2017

Experience a new episode filled with wonderful hunting sequences on fox in incredible Swedish...


A Day in Rasmus' Life | Fox and Pine Marten...

17 views March 31, 2017

In this episode we get to experience fox hunting in beautiful Swedish winter landscapes and an...


A day in Rasmus life | Trailer

327 views March 29, 2017

Watch three brand new episodes of Rasmus life, soon available on Bearplay! We join Rasmus and...


A Day in Rasmus' Life | Fox and Pine Marten...

19 views February 28, 2017

In this episode we get to experience the young dog Holly's first burrow hunt and we watch an epic...


Pierre Norberg - The Dream of the Ibex

7 views February 21, 2017

Pierre travels to Spain to hunt Ibex. Prepare for an incredible beautiful journey with some...


Hunting with Standing Bird Dog

381 views January 31, 2017

Here we get the chance to follow Danish Christine Due - four-time world champion - in both...


Bearplay Uncut | Wolf Surprises the Hunting Team!

11 views January 22, 2017

Sometimes the wolf shows up when you least expect it - you can imagine the action that happened...


Hunters Magazine - Buck Hunt 2015

9 views January 15, 2017

This Danish buck hunting movie from our friends at Hunters Magazine offers both Danish spring...


Bearplay tests - Bearskin Quick Release

298 views January 13, 2017

Bearskin Quick Release rings 30 mm Available in three heights. High, medium and low.