Wide Open – Fishing from a Small Boat

This is a movie about small boat fishing at its very best. We join Niels Vestergaard in his own boat fishing for flatfish, and he presents us with a number of exciting fishing trips for various fish species.

While visiting Öresund , the Great Belt and northern Norway , we get a lot of good fishing tips that you can use while fishing on your own. For example, the most effective method of fishing for big mackerel.

Join us on a summer trip for large cod in the Great Belt , and after that enjoy the fight scenes with the many big strong saithe at Røst in Norway.

Get comfortable in your best chair before you see the movie's final 15 minutes. You are brought along for a terrific fishing journey for the mighty halibut in Saltstraumen in northern Norway. It's the wildest fishing from small boats you've ever seen .

This movie is not about trolling, but all the other fantastic fishing one can experience from your own boat.