Wide Open – Nile Perch Safari

Follow experienced fisher Jörgen Larsson and his fishing companions for a fantastic expedition in pharaonic Egypt. In the world’s largest artificial lake, the dammed Lake Nasser, fishing targets the Nile perch, which can weigh well over 100 kg.

The fish are caught using spinning, trolling and fly. At close range, you’ll witness the sweaty and brutal fights from boats or from the steep cliffs in stunning sequences both above and below the water. Giant-sized Nile perch and fiery tigerfish stir up one’s fish fright, leaving nobody indifferent.

This is an action-packed fishing video with spectacular scenes interspersed with views of the beautiful and fascinating environment around the mighty inland seas of the Nile. We meet the natives and set out for the fishing adventure of a lifetime. The film also shows equipment, baits and tackles needed to challenge one of the world’s largest freshwater fish: the fabled Nile perch.