Wide Open – Put & Take – Fly Fishing

The movie is about fly fishing in a Put & Take lake. We have followed Claus Eriksen and Joe Christiansen in their hunt for a good fishing trip. They are both very talented fly-fishermen.

We get a thorough review of the most effective fishing techniques , and we get to see when Claus and Joe choose the right fly. Claus goes through all the important flies - season by season.

The choice of the correct fly is very important when we talk about fly fishing in the Put & Take lake - we see many good examples of this in the movie.

We get to experience fishing in different Danish trout lakes at different seasons. Part of the film takes place in Harasjömåla in Sweden, where we see fishing in both the beautiful forest lakes and the artificial fly stream .

It is a movie with many fine recordings, but it's also a movie that takes you close to two skilled fishermen who have no secrets for each other.

In the movie we see many exciting and atmospheric catches of nice brook trout , brown trout and rainbow trout.