Wide Open – Put & Take Spinning/Angling

This movie is about Spin- and sport fishing in a Put & Take lake. We have followed some very talented anglers in their pursuit of a good fishing trip.
We get a thorough review of the most effective angle fishing techniques . We see exactly how each tackle has to be done - and we see how to best bait the hook with different kinds of bait.

Techniques and tackle , developed by the most skilled anglers - demonstrated in practice .Fishing with bubble float – and the even more effective Bombarda floats - requires exact knowledge of gear , bait , tackle and fishing techniques. Here you get it all presented very thoroughly.
We review all the main spinning baits - winks, wobblers , different types of spinners - and you get good tips on what to choose and how to use them to fish most effectively .... and then there's all those great catches , that we get a good close look at.

The movie is a treasure trove of fish tips for you who likes to fish in trout lakes.