Wide Open - The Fish & The Fly 2 Nymphs

This is a film in the series The Fish The Fly. In these movies we cover in detail many different challenges the flyfisher faces. We have travelled to amazing rivers and lakes to find the best conditions to demonstrate nymph fishing.
We have joined Morten Oeland as he demonstrates how to handle many different situations. We take a detailed look at the naturals and Morten shows us practical fishing with his best imitations.

As in the previous movie we have placed underwater cameras in the areas as we fish and thereby gained a unique insight into the behavior of the fish.

We follow in close detail how he ties 10 effective nymphs that we have seen work. There is a lot of inspiration for your own flytying.

The movie is a journey into the magic world of flyfishing – with great fish and intense sceneries. A combination of excitement, experiences, the joy of flyfishing and facts about fish and flies.